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Our new Web Payment Center allows you to quickly and securely make your Kings Federal Credit Union loan payments using funds from another financial institution.  You may use your checking account or savings account from any U.S. Bank or Credit Union.
What do I need to make my KFCU loan payment?
To make your KFCU loan payment you will need your KFCU member number and loan number. These numbers are on your loan documents as well as on your monthly statement.  If your member number is 12345 your loan number is 2, simply input 123452 when requested.  
For the account you are using to make your payment, you will need the account number and routing transit number.  These are available on the bottom of your check or contact your financial institution.
How do I sign up?
When you click on the above link the first time, you will need to register for our payment system.  The registration process will ask for identification information about the borrower.  If you are not a signor on the loan, the registration will be rejected.  Registration requests will be reviewed within one business day.  Once your registration is approved, you can make future payments quickly using the user id and password you establish.
What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept one-time electronic withdrawals from your savings or checking account.   To set up your account for recurring monthly payments from an outside account, please call us at (559) 582-4438. 
Is there a fee?
If you make your payment using your checking or savings account through this site, there is no fee. If you pay by phone, there is a $5 fee added to the transaction.
Can I make a payment with my Debit or Credit Card?
We are unable to accept credit or debit cards for loan payments.
Will this work for payments to my KFCU Credit Card?
To make payments on your Kings Federal VISA account, please visit
Will the payment be posted immediately?
Payments made after 4:00 p.m. pacfic time will be submitted the next day and considered next day processing. Payments processed through the Web Payment Center may take up to one business day to be credited to your loan after the submitted date.
Are there any limitations?
Yes, your payment amount may not exceed $2,500.  Loan payoffs will not be accepted through this site.

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