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First-time login:  When you log in the new system for the first time, your user name will be your current Login ID, and your temporary password will be your zip code followed by the last 4 digits of the primary member’s social security number.   Ex:  93232, last 4 2234 would be 932322234.   You will be required to set a new password and may also need to update your Login ID if it does not meet the new requirements.

New Mobile App:  You will need to download a new Apple or Android application once we go live.  Visit this page for links to the new Apps starting November 15th.  For iPhones, iOS 13 or above will be required.   For Android phones, version 8.0 or higher will be required.  You may need to update your operating system before you can load the new App.

Transfer of Data:  All of your account information, scheduled billpay payments and three months of transaction history will seamlessly transition to the new system.  Items that will not transfer include reoccurring internal transfers, any external transfer accounts, and any account names you have customized.

New Features:  Our new mobile app will have nearly all of the features of our website application.  You will no longer be required to use the website to authorize a new device or add new payees.

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